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Eternity Enterprises Ltd. is a production and marketing based corporation in EVE Online. ( We are closed for business. This will remain a monument for as long as it stands. RIP Natsume. )
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 StarCraft Replays

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Melisande Laroche
Melisande Laroche

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PostSubject: StarCraft Replays   Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:55 am

As per your request, Bakar, here are some of the replays. A lot of these were from my developing StarCraft days. In Replay 03 and Replay 21, I am Gargantrithor. In Replay 20, I am TA-Auriga.

Replay 03
Replay 20
Replay 21

The vast majority of them, mostly the early ones, aren't salvageable. In fact, Replay 03 is half-bugged. You can see some of my strategy shine through, but the replay quickly ceases to work. Replay 21 is where you see me and another friend who copied my tank-drop strategy. In Replay 20, it's a clan practice. I crushed him early on with a Zealot rush, but I let him rebuild so that he could have a chance at defeating me or at least practice his tactics in doing so. A lot of the other stuff consists of my Zealot rushing or High Templar Psi Storm spamming noobness. It won games for me though. =D


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StarCraft Replays
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